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Will Pat Evans
really get the
last laugh?

Is this guy joking?   
-Posted Nov. 15, 2005

His BMOC (Batman on Campus) got a few laughs, but now comedian and Otter buddy Pat Evans is doing all the laughing...


The dead will rock!   
-Re Posted Nov. 15, 2005

Dead as Dillinger plays The Zombie Lounge on Friday, November 18th


Half of the Shit on this Site Doesn't Work. (11/15/05)

Anyone who has actually tried to access much of the content of the site recently has surely discovered that there aint much here! Many of the links lead to "Page not found" errors and most of the music downloads are incredibly slow if they download at all! I just wanna say that I am aware of it and want to take this opportunity to squarely blame it on other people. First is the music situation. The links on the Otter Music page connect directly to music that is stored on the IMUA music page. This used to be a great resource for bands to store and share music, but they have since neglected their site so actually accessing any music from their page has become next to impossible. Now I am in the process of attempting to gather all the music again and moving it to my own servers for fast, reliable access. But as always, this may take a while.

So what about the stuff that isnt music? The missing books, graphics, sound bytes, etc? Thats AOL's fault. When I first created OtterArchives.com I was using AOL's server space. That quickly grew too small so I expanded and bought my own server space, but I left some of the content with AOL. I have since seen AOL degenerate into an overpriced community of advertisers and promptly switched camps to the "AOL Sucks" mindset. Subsequently, I also stopped paying my bill.

So anyway, I am slowly trying to put the missing stuff back online, but... well... you guys have heard the "Im so busy right now" song and dance from me before.

 Video Games - 9/01/05
Nick Bounty:
The Goat in the Grey Fedora

A classic Otter movie remade in video game style!
 Comics - 4/27/05
Tales of the Odd
Links to AAlgar's newly published comics and the new website!
 Music - 8/28/04
Dead as Dillinger
Check out 3 new songs from Roman's band!
 Music - 8/28/04
Burning Toys/ Plastic Monk
Finally hear what what the long distance collaboration sounds like!
 Video Games - 8/09/04
Brain Hotel :
AAl's comic book adventure game. Stop a supervillian from destroying the hotel!.
 Comedy 88.3 - 4/01/04
2 skits added!
"Indiana Vic & 7 Gabels Hotel"

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