Hints & Tips for the Flash Game: Brain Hotel
Tales of the Odd: BRAIN HOTEL
Video game Hint Guide by AAlgar
Reveal-A-Hint coding by Kevin Lynn


This page contains hints for playing the Flash game BRAIN HOTEL . If you have the time, you should try to play the game without these hints. Also, SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS ARE SPOILERS! Don't read ahead unless you really want to finish the game without solving all of the puzzles.

How to use this hint page

These hints are divided into sections, each of which gives questions and solutions appropriate to one portion of the game. Each question is followed by one or more hints, "hidden" within a colored box. When you are certain you wish to see a hint, "select" the colored area with the mouse by dragging over it. Here's a sample to practice on:

What's black and white and red all over?

You should be able to see the "invisible" text next to each hint by selecting the area with a mouse. If not, the hints are probably already visible. In an emergency, "view source".

General hints for playing Pinhead Games Adventures

Look at everything.

Talk to everyone.

Get everything that's not nailed down. --Who knows when you might need it?

Welcome to the Brain Hotel

I’m at the hotel, now what do I do?

Why did the desk clerk call me "Mr. Thornton"?

The desk clerk won't let me deliver my package!

Okay, I got the desk clerk to leave, now what?

Is there any significance to the weird things that happen when I exit the elevator?

What am I supposed to do with this package?

Well, my package is delivered, so what do I do now?

What's with the little sparks every time I walk across that creepy rug in my room?

Where is the lava lamp in the Brain Hotel?

I overheard an evil scheme, what should I do?

The robot gave me a huge speech and a big list. How do I find all of this stuff?

Where is the plutonium?

How do I get the bartender to give me the plutonium?

Does the bartender have anything else useful to me?

Where is the rubber vessel?

I have the undeliverable package, but I can't (don't want to) open it.

That thing that came out of the undeliverable package... is that...?

I got the red bonnet and the jug of moonshine, but I can't seem to get the mad cow to validate my parking. What am I doing wrong?

Where is the Quad-C computer chip?

Judge Mental won't let me walk away with the gas mask!

Man, Judge Mental is really annoying!

How do I get Judge Mental to give me the chip?

Where is the cell phone?

What's the deal with Impo?

How do I make Impo laugh?

I made Impo laugh and he still won't give me the cell phone!

I give up! Where is that $#@! 9-volt battery?!

How do I get into the supplies closet? The maintenance clone is in the way!

There's a blinking light in my room. What's that all about?

What am I supposed to do with all this high tech junk in the Botsmith's room?

I have all the items. What am I supposed to do with them?

For your amusement, Have you tried...